Apprentice Course Outline Year Two

First Semester

Orientation, Safety, Introduction to Meters, Feeder/Branch Circuits
Service Calculations
Conductor and Overcurrent Protection
Grounding and Bonding Part I
Grounding and Bonding Part II
Wiring Methods
Wiring Materials, Conduit and Box Fill
Switches, Switchboards, and Panelboards
Equipment for General Use
Introduction to AC Theory
AC Theory I
AC Theory II
Single-Phase Transformers Part I
Single-Phase Transformers Part II

Second Semester

Power Generation − Three-Phase
Transformers, Circuits, and Calculations
3Ø Transformers – Delta-Delta
3Ø Transformers – Delta-Wye
Transformers for Non-Linear Loads – 3Ø Fault Currents – Voltage Drop
NEC® Requirements for Transformers
Buck-Boost Transformers: Single – and Three-Phase
Buck-Boost Transformers: Connection and Selection
Generators and Transfer Switches
Electric Motors – DC and 1Ø AC
Electric Motors – Polyphase
Motors: General Knowledge and Sizing Branch Circuit Conductors
Motor Branch Circuit Overcurrent
Protective Devices: Short Circuit and Ground Fault Protection
Motor: Branch Circuit Grounding Conductors, Disconnects, Starters, and Overload Protection
Locked Rotor Current and Phase Loss for Motors-A/C and Refrigeration Equipment
Generators and Fire Pumps
Motor Feeder Conductors, OCPDs, and Taps – Motor Branch Circuit Conductors and OCPDs