Apprentice Course Outline Year One

First Semester

CPR and First Aid
Basic Principles
Tools and Blueprints
Applied Math, Circuit Theory, Plans & Specs
Conduit Bending
Applied Math, Electrical Symbols & Outlets, Ohm’s Law
General-Purpose and Small Appliance Circuit
Condutor Sizes, Types & Connections, Type NM Cables
Voltage Drop, Other Wiring Methods, and Printreading
Switch Control
GFCI Protection
Front Bedroom Lighting and Introduction to Series Circuits
Master Bedroom and Series Circuits
Lighting and Small Appliance Branch Circuits

Second Semester

Living Room and Study Branch Circuits – Introduction to Parallel Circuits
Laundry Outlets and Parallel Circuits
Garage Circuits and Parallel Circuit Calculations
Conduit Fill and Special Purpose Outlets
Special Purpose Outlets – Kitchen
Special Purpose Outlets – Bathroom, Exhaust Fans and Hydromassage Tub
Heating and Air Conditioning
Low Voltage and Fire Alarms
Recreation Room – Multiwire Branch Circuits and Introduction to Combination Circuits
Workshop Lighting and Receptacle Branch
Circuits – Combination Circuits
Service Entrance Equipment
Knots, Rigging, and Specialty Tools
Overcurrent Protection
Service Entrance Calculations
Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs
Home Automation, Standby Power, and Review